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In 2008 a boy moved to Italy – fell in love with gelato, and a girl (in that order).


Bryce was living la vita bella in Italy ten years ago. After walking into a local gelaterìa he saw Giulia. Alas, she left before he could awkwardly woo her in Italian-glish. He came back to the same gelato shop, day in and day out, hoping to see her again. So often in fact, the locals dubbed him “Gelato Boy”.

Giulia didn't notice Bryce until months later when he finally came up to her and said "Ciaooo" in a horrible American accent. She still doesn’t understand how she ended up marrying him and moving to Colorado. While Colorado’s proximity to the ocean can’t compete with Venice, its gelato finally can. 

When two people love each other very much, they make gelato.

They trained as much as possible in Italy by learning from the best of the best. But even in Italy, gelato is not always great. Most shops use off-the-shelf mixes, but since they wanted to make gelato that doesn’t suck, they looked for another way.

After a ludicrous green card process that almost ended everything, Giulia became legal, they flew to Boulder, almost lost their cat, bought a gelato machine, rented a kitchen, and started experimenting at altitude. Hundreds of test batches and thousands of tasting spoons later, Gelato Boy was born.