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What the $#&! is gelato?

The literal translation of "gelato" from Italian is "ice cream". But that doesn’t do it justice. If you've tried authentic gelato, you know that calling it ice cream is like calling a cat a frog. So what is the difference, really?

Fresh to death

Freshness is what sets gelato apart from ice cream. Gelato is not frozen at absolute zero. So like everything else in your freezer, it's constantly changing.

The good news? A freshly sealed pint will still last up to a year in your freezer and will taste great when you pop it open. The other good news is that once you open it, you should eat it within 48 hours or less.

The scoop?

Gelato "experts" will tell you that real gelato has to be served with a spatula and displayed like a mound. These same experts will probably recommend that you take a picture of yourself “holding” up the tower of Pisa. We love tourists, but we don’t like looking like one, which is why we put freshness before appearance. Your tongue will thank us.

Fatty fatty & shugga shugga

When made right, gelato is made with better, healthier ingredients, and should not have any artificial colors or stabilizers. Usually, gelato has a lot less fat than ice cream. For instance ours has 6-8%, while certain ice creams can have around 15-20%. Less fat means less sugar to cut the fat taste – which leaves room for more pistachios, chocolate, raspberries and any other flavor you can dream up.

Fluff it, but not too much

(Almost) nobody wants to be over-fluffed, which is another key differentiator between gelato and ice cream. Ice cream relies heavily on being fluffed by infusing more air into the product. More air means less ingredients and lower shipping costs. Unless you enjoy collecting air from all over the country, we can’t understand why people like paying more for less.

So why ice cream?

We’re firm believers that there’s no such thing as a dumb question. But we’re also firm believers that no ice cream is better than our gelato. Let us prove it to you.